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Web Design Trends 2015/2016

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As we know trends come and go, but some hang around for good reasons. Below we have compiled a list of trends that we believe will continue to grow in popularity to 2016 and beyond.

Web Development Trends for 2015/2016

  • Responsive Web Design – This should come as no surprise as responsive design has been trending for the past few years. People who aren’t designing for the increasing mobile audience, which includes both smart phones and tablets, are simply going to fail. As a designer we should use responsive design to create websites that can be easily viewed from any location.
  • Typography – One of the biggest trends we have seen, and enjoy using in our designs, is the expanded use of fonts. Now we can use fonts with personality! The right font can transform a design while the wrong font can make the design look unsightly.
  • Flat Design – With the launch of Windows 8 and IOS 7 a the masses were introduced to ‘flat design’ whether they wanted to be or not. It is a simple, elegant style of design that focuses on clean lines and minimalistic elements overlaid with vibrant colors. For many people, this was a refreshing style of design that was welcomed.
  • Scrolling – The trend used to be to avoid scrolling and instead use more pages on a website. This was a way to keep people engaged while offering ways to track interest and provide a site with more SEO power. Now with mobile use on the rise, scrolling seems to make more sense. Consider the percentage of mobile devices in use today and you would have to agree that the user would be more likely to scroll than to click.
  • Videos – Production costs for professional level videos are coming down which makes using a video a more affordable option for a great way to share information. With short attention spans, what is easier than listening and watching a 15 or 30 second video to convey information? Sometimes a well told story is conveyed more easily via video than text. Of course videos can slow down load times so the idea needs to be used carefully.
  • Custom Images – Illustration and vintage images are the future of design. Stock images have been overused and quite frankly, most are boring. Though this might not be the right choice for all businesses, there are those who want to express their creativity.
  • Card Layout –  They are highly functional and effective for conveying content in a quick burst. Pinterest has really pushed the card layout and has been very successful with it. It offers the user a quick glance at the products or services being offered. It’s like offering visitors a snack rather than a full meal, which can be very appealing for mobile users who don’t have time to sit down at the table.


  1. Vlad Scriner

    Having a mobile friendly site is super important. I’ve heard reports that mobile traffic converts much higher because people don’t look around as much for a different option when they find a site on mobile. That being said if a site’s not mobile friendly they’re not likely to stick around there.

  2. Author

    Thank you for your comment! I would agree that my findings are similar in that mobile traffic has a higher conversion rate. With most users now accessing the web on mobile devices this comes as no surprise. The importance of responsive design can not be over stated.

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