The Most Awesome List Of Free Stock Photo Sites

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As you know high-quality stock photos are a must! The problem is that not every project will have a budget to cover expensive stock photos. What’s the solution? Free Stock photo sites.

We’re not talking about those free sites that offer low quality stock images, we’re talking hi-res, usable photos!

Below we have compiled a list of some of our favorites for you to check out.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is probably one of my personal favorites on the list. They release 10 high-resolution images every 10 days and the best part; They are all released under the creative commons public domain license! I use this site often and for that reason I also contribute photos to the site.



2. StockSnap

Second on our list is They offer a large selection of beautiful photographs and high resolution images. With hundreds of photos added each week you will likely be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Their search feature works well making it very easy to navigate through the thousands of photos that they offer.

All of their images are released under a creative commons public domain!



3.  New Old Stock

Third on our list is New Old Stock,I love this site. As the name suggests New Old Stock offers vintage photos that are “free from copyright restrictions” making it an obvious choice for our list. Vintage photos can be a great addition to your designs.

One downside that I must mention is the lack of a search feature at the time of this post. It can take some time to find the perfect photo.



4. Splitshire

Splitshire is a collection of amazing free stock images by web designer Daniel Nanescu. His collection is free to use in personal and commercial projects and photos are listed in convenient categories to narrow down your search. A big thanks to Daniel for sharing his great photos! You can also show your support for his site by buying a bundle for less than $10. It includes over 500 photos as well as videos to use in your projects.



5. Picjumbo

Pic jumbo offers a wide variety of categories with new pics added daily. Photos are free to download and use in personal or commercial work.



6. Lock & Stock Photos

AJ Montpetit, says he wants to give back to the open source community that he has benefited greatly from. He has done just that with his beautiful collection of free stock photos. He has released these photos under the creative commons 0 license, “no rights reserved”.



7. Death to Stock Photo

Death to Stock Photo states on their website; “The goal? To help more brands create rich digital experiences that elevated their visual aesthetic… without shelling out wads of cash, or their sanity.” They have delivered and continue to do so with a premium pack of free stock photos delivered to your in box every month.



8. Jay Mantri

Beautiful, free to do anything photos! Jay has released his photos under the creative commons 0 license, “no rights reserved.” He truly has an amazing collection of free stock photos, don’t pass this one by.



9. Open Photo

Open Photo offers a wide variety of free stock photos released under the creative commons license. Photos are contributed by many photographers. One thing to note; Although all photos on the site are under the creative commons license, the terms and conditions vary between images.




A curated collection of free web design resources, all for commercial use. Please note that some photos will require attribution.


11. Raumrot

This site offers a beautiful selection of free stock photos for commercial use. This has recently become my go-to site, the imagery is outstanding!



So there you have it, a list of free stock photography sites that don’t suck! Please feel free to leave a comment about your favorite site/sites that I may have missed. We would love to hear from you.




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