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Real Estate Web Design is Important: Top 10 Reasons

In News by Eric Roark

Buckhannon, WV has a booming real estate market and if you are a realtor it is important that you maximize your marketing efforts. A well-designed website not only enhances client experience, it will also offer you more leads.

Here are the top 10 reasons why great real estate web design is necessary.

  1. Your buyers are online. Research has shown that over 90% of buyer’s start the home buying process online. If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on the majority of potential homebuyers.
  2. A well-designed website shows that you are a modern business.  A well-designed website lets your clients know that you are up to speed on how business is done. No website or a poorly designed site can have the opposite effect on potential clients.
  3. Home buyers are getting younger. Millennials are the new demographics of buyers. This younger generation has grown up using the internet for banking, shopping, and even high learning. Without an online presence, they will never find your realtor services.
  4. Be Competitive in the Real Estate Market. Having  a website allows you to compete with your competition. A real estate website requires less capital and fewer resources, saving you money while providing you with the opportunity to reach more buyers and sellers.
  5. Customer Service. Your website will be the focal point of all your forms, email campaigns, lead generation and marketing, feedback, etc.  It allows you to communicate with your clients conveniently and address their concerns quickly.
  6. Real estate web design gives you the opportunity to showcase your listings. Just imagine being in control of your listings with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can use videos, virtual tours, and photos to show off your marketing strategies. After all, this is the reason sellers are requesting your assistance. With a high-quality website design, you will be able to outshine the competition.
  7. Your reputation is on the line. Have you ever Googled yourself to see what comes up online? Do the results shown represent the image you want for your business? With a modern website design and a targeted marketing strategy, you can be in control of your digital reputation.
  8. Saves you time. Having a real estate website gives you the flexibility to multi-task more efficiently. You can reach out to customers, do advertising, engage in social media, send out newsletters through your website.  Your website can answer frequently asked questions or serve as a pulpit for you to express your unique take on all subjects real estate.
  9. Become the Local “Go To” Agent. Having your own website gives you an advantage when it comes to targeting specific geographic areas. If you want to target Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, or any other areas of Arizona that you are trying to focus on, you can easily integrate targeted keywords that represent that area into your website with planned SEO tactics.
  10. No more lost sales because you are new to the real estate game. It happens all too often. Realtors lose potential clients because they are unable to find information about you online. This is often the first place that clients go to check the reputation of the agent.An authoritative web presence can increase your awareness and your leads faster than any other marketing strategy available.

If you are ready to start your web design project today or are interested in a free quote, just use the contact us button at the top of the page. We will discuss a plan that is right for your budget and your business and get you on the fast track to more leads and sales.