It’s Not All About Online Marketing

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Everyone’s pushing online marketing today — and with good reason, since being seen online is a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy today. There’s just one problem with this online focus: unless it’s paired with other offline strategies, it’s not as effective as it could be. All too often, in the name of search marketing, email marketing, social media and the like, companies lose sight of offline marketing opportunities that can be just as effective, particularly locally. Is your company neglecting offline methods? Are you effectively marketing in your area, or are you missing out?

Offline tips to help you succeed

Hand Out Business Cards

Sure, they seem old school, but business cards are still useful for this: they give you a fast and easy way to hand out your contact info. Be sure your business card design is great, it must stand out. Carry them with you at all times, you never know when you may find an opportunity to market yourself.


Make your events informative, fun or otherwise beneficial for attendees and encourage them to bring their friends. Local events can be great for building community with your client base, not to mention great for bringing in referrals.


Give your prospects branded promotional products, and you leave them with a positive impression of your business — not to mention an easy way to remember you every time they use that item. To be most effective, promotional products should be legitimately useful (think shirts, bags, USB cords, flash drives and drinkware), attractive and branded with your logo/name front and center.

Snail Mail

Target a certain demographic through good old snail mail, whether that means coupons for your home décor shop to new homeowners or newsletters about your daycare to families with small children.


While online marketing is essential to succeed in today’s market place, do not forget about old school marketing strategies. In fact we still get over 30% of our business from the tips outlined in this article. So get out there and put in the footwork. You will find you are receiving more leads and sales. You can thank us later.

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